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Chorizo Links

Chorizo Links

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3-5 servings


Get this delicious sausage monthly! ONE 1 lb package includes 5 links. Made with our Certified Organic Pork. 

🌱Quick and Easy- Linked Sausages are a saving grace for fast, easy protein-packed homemade meals. Whether it's a day when you have it all together and meals planned or a need something on the fly kind of night... linked sausages are a go-to. 

🌱Delicious: This Mexican-style Chorizo will add a mild but bold flavor to any meal!  Using perfectly blended spice mixes, our butcher makes these amazing blends just for you. Our Chorizo sausage is made from the same delicious prime cuts you would roast for dinner. 

🌱REAL pasture-raised: On Wild Harmony, we walk the walk. Unlike the "greenwashed" brands you might find at the grocery store, on our small farm pork is truly pasture-raised. Our pigs are never confined by crates and allowed to roam, root, and wallow, just like nature intended. They get the best of all worlds — fresh pasture, sunshine, shade, and fresh air. 

At Wild Harmony Farm, we are dedicated to raising meat lovingly, humanely, and with integrity. 

*Gluten free

ONE 1 lb pack of 5 Links. Mexican style Chorizo. Made with Wild Harmony Farm Certified Organic Pork

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