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Pork Ribs & Roasts

Pork Ribs & Roasts

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4-6 servings


Each month you will receive 1 of the following- 

  • pork shoulder (2-3 lb roast)
  • spareribs (1 rack cut in half)
  • country style ribs (2 lbs, 2-4 "ribs")
  • smoked hock (~2 lb)

Pork Shoulder Roast

Pulled Pork. The simplest recipe you can imagine.  Put it in a crock pot (frozen or thawed) with a splash of liquid and something acidic (vinegar or wine) add a touch of seasoning. Done. Make BBQ sandwiches, tacos, rice bowls, casseroles, quesadillas, etc. 


Easier than you think! Rub these down with some seasoning, keep them covered while cooking, cook them slowly. After 2 hours they fall off the bone. These are traditional pork ribs. It is easiest to cook them in the oven IMO!

Country Style Ribs

Great on the grill or slow cooked. These aren't actually "ribs" but rather part of the shoulder roast cut into rib-like segments. Whether you cook them to eat like the shoulder roast or like traditional ribs they are incredibly flavorful and meaty.

Loin Roast

The prime rib of pork.  Just put salt, pepper and thyme on it, sear it in a pan and then cook it until cooked through in the oven. Let it rest and then slice it for a delicious and fancy (yet easy) pork dinner! 

Let your kitchen be full of satisfying comfort meals this year.

Each month you will receive ONE of the following- pork shoulder (2-3 lb roast) spareribs (2 half racks) country style ribs (2 lbs, 2-4 "ribs") pork hock (2-3 lb) Pulled Pork. Pork "Prime Rib". BBQ ribs... it's actually all very easy.

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