3 Reasons Why Our CSA Is Perfect For You…

The CSA is near and dear to our hearts. Here’s why we think you’ll love it, too…


  • Our new PYO CSA option is customizable. We are a household that totally gets dietary restrictions. Ben is gluten and dairy free, and we know you need to be able to meet each of your family member’s needs. With this option, you can shop to your culinary preferences and dietary restrictions with a discount only available for our CSA members.
  • The Chicken CSA, Pork CSA or the Variety CSA can come to you! Your CSA share can be delivered right to your doorstep when ordered through our friends at WhatsGood! We totally get that fitting a drive out to the store around your kiddos’ nap schedules, your commute, your workout, and your meal times can be a CHALLENGE! So let us help make it simple.
  • Payment AND pickup options are flexible.

We want to provide you what you want, on your budget. That’s why we are billing on a monthly basis, not every three months. This way, we hope to reach people of more diverse economic situations. We get that good food is an investment, and we want to help you make the choices that are best for your family on your budget.


Having our wiley toddler, Milo, in our life, we know what it’s like trying to work around someone else’s schedule. Having to be at a certain place at a certain time is laughable at times! CSA members will have 24 hour access to our new pick-up barn. If you choose the farm pickup option, you can pick up your CSA share any time of day!




When you become a CSA member, that means you are OUR shareholder. By committing to a monthly CSA share from our farm, you are investing in us. We are honored that instead of buying your meat at the grocery store, you choose to feed your family our locally and ethically raised, nutrient dense protein. Cheers to you!!! And THANK YOU!


Sign up for our CSA now here!

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