100% Grass-fed Beef 

Buy ¼ cow, ½ cow, or a whole cow from our Rhode Island Farm

Do you believe in healthy land, healthy animals, and healthy people? Do you want to feel good about what’s in your freezer, eat right, and save money? Buy a grass-fed quarter cow, half cow, or whole cow from our regenerative farm to fill your freezer for months of healthy eating!

Purchase a whole cow and receive FREE 5 pounds of Ground Beef.

All cuts are perfectly portioned for easy meals and frozen at peak freshness for best quality and flavor. Our beef is 100% grass-fed, raised lovingly and humanely on our Rhode Island farm. We are a small scale family farm, so we will sell out — don’t wait to claim yours!

2024 On Farm Pick-Up: September 12 or September 14

Bulk Beef FAQs 

How is your beef raised? Are your farm practices humane & organic?

We know what it's like to care about what you eat and to feel lost as to where to find it or whom to trust. We started out just the same way. When you start learning more about the food system, there's no turning back.

At Wild Harmony Farm, we are dedicated to raising meat lovingly, humanely, and with integrity. We raise our animals on pasture and we practice rotational grazing — good for the land, good for the animals, and good for you! 

Our beef is 100% grass-fed, 100% of the time. Unlike the “greenwashed” brands you might find at the grocery store, our cattle are moved every day to fresh grass on our certified organic pastures during the growing season, and fed only organic hay (dried grass) during the winter. Our cattle are renowned for high-quality meat that finishes with excellent flavor and tenderness without any grain.

We never cut corners, ever. Fill your freezer with food you can feel good about!

How does bulk ordering work?

You can choose to pay in full up front, or just pay a deposit today to call dibs on your ¼, ½, or whole cow. You’ll also choose your pickup date from the dropdown menu when you place your order. 

After you order, you’ll get a special discount code for 20% off retail prices so that you can stock up on grass-fed bones, organs, tongue, and oxtail, if you like.

We’ll send you a reminder email as your chosen pickup day approaches, and you’ll come to our farm to pick up your grass-fed beef order:

Wild Harmony Farm

366 C Victory Highway

Exeter, RI 02822

If you opt to pay a deposit, then you’ll pay the remainder on pickup day. (Cash or check if possible, please!)

Raising livestock with love + high standards means we have a limited quantity available — we’re not running a factory here, so we will run out. Don’t wait to claim yours!

Are there other ways to buy from your local farm?

You can sign up for our meat CSA, our monthly subscription option, any time of the year. Choose all the items you’d like to have delivered to your doorstep each month. We've deliver to 47 zip codes!

You can also order from a limited selection of favorite cuts — checkout online and pickup at the farm (366 C Victory Highway, Exeter, RI). The selection is smaller, does not include certain high-demand items, and may dwindle at the end of the season. 

Farm customers who subscribe to the CSA or order a quarter cow or half hog will have the best selection and will enjoy well-stocked freezers all year long.

Is the meat refrigerated or frozen? How much freezer space do I need?

Our grass-fed beef is flash-frozen at peak freshness. Our little Rhode Island farm supplies some of our region's highest acclaimed chefs, and they rave about the freshness and quality. It will be light years ahead of anything from a large-scale distributor, and since it’s frozen rather than refrigerated, you’ll have plenty of flexibility in choosing when to prepare each item.

A chest freezer is a terrific investment if you want to buy local, eat well, and save money. Our ¼ beef is approximately 80 pounds and requires about 4 cu ft of chest freezer space, or about 5 cu ft of upright freezer space. (You can stack and store more efficiently in a chest freezer than an upright freezer or standard fridge freezer.)

Here’s how that breaks down for different freezer sizes:

  • Standard fridge: You can fit a ¼ cow in the freezer of a standard fridge (typically 7 to 10 cubic feet), as long as you’re okay with it taking up the entire freezer.
  • 5-7 cu ft chest freezer: These are popular because they’re usually less than $200, and are a good fit for a typical ¼ cow. Depending on your freezer size, you’ll probably have a little room leftover. 
  • 12 cu ft chest freezer: Lucky you! You have room for ¼ cow plus ½ hog and a chicken box or two — you’ll be all set! (Watch for pork and chicken reservations in the coming months.)

If your freezer is currently full of who knows what, it may be time for a fresh start :)

Looking for the rest of our website? We’re in the process of building it out here, but in the meantime you can visit wildharmonyfarm.com to read more about us, check out recipes, and more.