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Whole Cow (pay in full)

Whole Cow (pay in full)

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Our beef is 100% grass-fed and raised lovingly and humanely on our Rhode Island family farm. Our cattle are renowned for high-quality meat that finishes with excellent flavor and tenderness without any grain.

When you order a whole cow, you get approx. 320 pounds of grass-fed beef, in the following cuts:

  • Ground Beef: 120 packs (120lb)
  • Burger Patties: 12 packs (4 patties/pack)
  • Hot dogs: 12 packs (7 dogs/pk)
  • Stew/kebab: 20 packs (1lb/pk)
  • Prime Steaks: 40 (~1lb/steak)
  • Sirloin Steaks: 20 (~1lb/steak)
  • Half Brisket: 4 pack (~3-4 lb/pk)
  • Short Ribs: 8 packs (~2 lb/pk)
  • Chuck Roast: 8 packs (~3lb/pk)
  • Round Roast: 12 packs (~2lb/pk)
  • Shank: 8 packs (~2lb/pk)

Buying in bulk means you save $600 off retail prices!  After you order, you’ll also get a special discount code for 20% off retail prices so that you can stock up on grass-fed bones, organs, tongue, and oxtail, if you like.

We’ll send you a reminder email as your chosen pickup day approaches, and you’ll come to our local farm to pick up your grass-fed beef order (366 C Victory Highway, Exeter, RI).

Raising livestock with love + high standards means we have a limited quantity available — we’re not running a factory here, so we will run out. Don’t wait to claim yours.

Wondering about freezer space or more info about how we raise our animals? Check out our bulk beef FAQ

If you like buying in bulk to save money, check out our chicken boxes and bulk pork options!

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