3 ways Subscribing to the CSA makes life easier :-)

Choosing local food takes extra effort. We get it. 

We’re on a mission to help you align your ethics, and real life when it comes to getting wholesome, local, ethically raised meat on your dinner table (and on your breakfast plate). 

This is the genesis of the Wild Harmony Farm CSA…our fully customizable, monthly subscription program. 


Here are three ways joining the CSA will make life easier:


  • Home Delivery! 

Although Wild Harmony is right off of 95 conveniently located on Rt 102 in Exeter, and very easy to get to, life can make it hard to make a trip to the farm. We offer home delivery to 47 zip codes in RI and the Mystic, CT area. You even get reminders and updates along the way to make sure things go smoothly. 


  • Fully Customizable!

No matter how big or small your household is, this CSA will work for you! You get to pick exactly what and how much meat you want. You can edit your order monthly to change it up or you can set it and forget it. Set it and forget allows you to sit back and enjoy the ease of predictable, local meals each month. 


  • The meat is frozen!

Our meat is flash-frozen at peak freshness and packaged airtight. This means in one order, you can fill your freezer with a whole month’s worth of meat and simply take out a few meals at a time to thaw. Meal planning made easy. Plus, the quality is amazing. We service some of the finest kitchens in New England and the chefs rave about the quality. Don't be fooled by the grocery store's "fresh" case. (it's a blog for another time, but thawed doesn't mean fresh)


I could go on and on… but the short version is… Local Food just got easier! 

Join the CSA today… and watch your life get easier. :-) 


PS- Use the promo code 1stTimer to save 20% off your first month’s order!

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