6 Reasons to Feel Great About Eating Our Chicken!

We understand how much work it is to live in line with your values when you have very high standards.  I’m going to share with you today why you can rest at ease when eating our chicken, because we have done the discerning work for you.
Here are our Top 6 Reasons to Feel Great Eating Wild Harmony Farm Chicken.

1) Supporting Small, Local Businesses - Did you know that American farmers typically make $0.08 of each dollar from the food you buy in the grocery store?  Where does the other $0.92 go?  Processors, packagers, distributors, advertisers, and retailers.  That is why we have decided to partner with another small, family farm, Justice Homestead, to bring you the best chicken available.  By cutting out the huge middle-man companies, you are directly supporting Rachael, Milo, Taylor, and I, as well as Tyler Justice and his family.

2) Humane Treatment of Animals - According to the USDA, 0.01% of the 9 billion meat chickens raised in the US each year are raised on pasture.  That means that 8,999,100,000 chickens are raised in warehouses each year.  They never see sunlight.  They never eat grass.  They walk on manure their whole lives.  Often the air-quality is so poor in these buildings that the farmers have to wear respirators and Tyvec suits when they go inside them.  Our chickens are raised on green grass, in open-air, open-bottom coops, and moved to fresh, clean pasture every day.   

3) Healthy to Eat - A confined chicken’s diet is almost entirely made up of corn, wheat, and soybeans.  Our chickens get a diverse diet of forages, bugs, and certified organic grains.  We know that they never get antibiotics, hormones, GMO-feeds, or RoundUp-sprayed grains.  There are no toxins in this chicken, and it’s full of valuable micronutrients that are not present in warehouse-raised chicken   

4) Positive Environmental Impact - Because our chickens are moved every day to fresh pasture, their manure is deposited directly onto the pasture where it can be fully absorbed and utilized.  Chicken manure is very high in nitrogen, a valuable element in organic fertilizer.  However, the nitrogen portion of the manure is very volatile and can easily off-gas as nitrous oxide (a potent greenhouse gas), if it is not quickly absorbed by the soil.  It’s a double whammy.  The value of chicken manure is greatly decreased and the harm of chicken manure is greatly increased unless it is deposited directly on the soil in small enough amounts that the soil can absorb it immediately.  This is one reason that it’s so important to move the chickens every day.   

5) Unbelievably Delicious - How many times have you been to a restaurant and ordered meat, but all you can taste is the sauce on the meat?  Industrial chicken is tasteless.  We’ve had numerous customers tell us that they gave up eating chicken decades ago, after realizing that they could never taste chicken again like the chicken that their grandparents raised.  Then they try our chicken and are instant converts.  Our chicken is sensationally flavored all by itself.  It doesn’t need any fancy sauces.  

6) Food You Can Trust - There are numerous studies showing that the placebo effect strongly impacts health.  Cancer patients were divided and told they were both receiving chemotherapy, but half just received a placebo, and they still lost their hair and put their cancer in remission at alarming rates.  People were given pills that they were told were Vitamin C but were actually inert ingredients, and yet they contracted significantly fewer colds than people that received no pills at all.  When you can feel good about the food you are eating, just that thought LITERALLY makes it healthier for you.

We care more than most people about the quality of our food.  We have done extensive research and experiments on various production methods.  We are meticulous about the processes, husbandry, inputs, and environmental impact of our chickens.

 Help us in our vision for a healthier world, healthier people, healthier economy, and healthier animals.

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