Best Chicken Deal of 2024

We have HUGE NEWS and want to give you the chance to take advantage of this RARE OPPORTUNITY!
Our 2024 chicken will be ready in just a few weeks, and we have a WIN-WIN OFFER for you.
It would be ideal for us to sell these chickens as soon as they are available.  This frees up storage space for us for our beef and pork which will be coming in a few months.
It also saves on the processing cost if we can get a lot of the chickens back whole, rather than cut into parts.
We are also gearing up for a price increase on our chicken, as our input costs continue to rise.  But we want to give you the opportunity for some insider trading, so you can STOCK UP on our chicken BEFORE OUR PRICES GO UP.
So NOW THROUGH JUNE 26TH, you can order a BULK VALUE BOX OF WHOLE CHICKENS, at a substantial discount.
Purchasing these whole chicken boxes rather than waiting until  this sale ends and buying chicken parts will be a SAVINGS OF ABOUT $15 PER CHICKEN.
And we’re now offering THREE BOX SIZES!!!  30 lbs, 50 lbs, or 100 lbs of whole chickens.  The exact number of chickens per box will vary, depending on the weight of each chicken.
If you don't think you will have enough freezer space, share a box with friends, neighbors, or family!
These will be available for PICK UP ON JULY 18TH AND 20TH.
If you don’t know why THIS CHICKEN IS WORTH IT, or WHAT TO DO WITH A WHOLE CHICKEN, we will be posting more information before this sale is over to fill you in on all the juicy details.
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