Big news and hopes for a slower Fall

I know... you were REALLY busy this Summer. With family and friends being vaccinated, we all wanted to socialize while the sun was shining, some for the first time in over a year. It felt really good to see people but it also felt...a little overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I am SO thankful for the connections we got to make with so many people we love, but I said “ Yeah! Let me check my calendar” WAY too many times.


But now my body is telling me, it’s time to rest!


Ben and I have hopes of taking the Fall as a chance to slow down, cook meals together at home, get Milo back into his routine, and take stock of the summer of growth, learning, and connection that we had.


It will take a period of adjustment to find the right safe and socially fulfilling balance between COVID lockdown life and this past August when we perhaps overdid it by filling up our calendar with too many things.


For now, I’m focusing on soaking in the start of a new season, still spending as much time outside as possible, but being present with how my body is feeling and what it needs: rest.


We are making some changes at Wild Harmony to help SLOW DOWN this Fall:

  • The farm store hours have changed!
    • We are now open:

Thursdays 1-5 & Saturdays 11-3

(no hours on Tuesday)

  • Our CSA model is changing
    • Stay tuned for a simplified version with LOTS of flexibility.


Brace yourself for this one...

  • We are no longer going to raise eggs starting in November.

I know... this one is tough to swallow. I LOVE our eggs too. But we are seeking a bit more sanity and have realized that eggs (even at $8/dozen) are barely breaking even. And they are very labor-intensive. So, when we sat down with the numbers, it was more eggs this winter. There is a slight chance they will come back next year, but I’ve never seen Ben seem so relieved!


Cheers to a new season and shorter days.


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