Confession of a convert

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Bernadette, the newest team member to join Wild Harmony Farm in the capacity of Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Since coming to the farm I have become much more aware of my meat choices and this is my conversion……..

I grew up in an Italian household with a single parent, food played an important part in our daily routine and meal planning wasn’t usually thought out. My father did his best to cook meals for my brother and me; some were tasteful, and others were tolerated out of respect for my father’s pride. We ate meat; chicken, pork, beef, and an occasional squab that was passed off as a Cornish hen. My father never considered the quality of the meat, only the price. If it was on sale, it was for him! That was 60 years ago, and he has since passed. He did his best for my brother and me, but it changed my appetite for meat and at 16 I became a vegetarian.

After 7 years of dodging the smell and drooling over burgers and hotdogs on the grill and prime rib at great restaurants, I gave in.  I had to. I had married a guy from West Virginia and all his family ate was meat that was destroyed by frying it in an inch of lard. Undeniably, I did not enjoy visits to WV. I am a born and bred New Englander and my stomach couldn’t tolerate the grease.

Over the years I purchased meat from the local supermarket. At that time, I thought I was buying products that were fresh, safe, and good for me. I always wondered why the steaks had brown spots, the ground beef was pink and greasy, and the chicken was an odd shade of white. The pork had its major flaw too – One Easter the ham came out of the oven, cooled, and was being carved when suddenly an area about the size of a golf ball became exposed. It was dark gray and hard. It was a tumor in the pig. No one ate ham at that Easter dinner! I was left with the question of how this could be healthy for me. I often wondered why I felt nauseous and made frequent bathroom trips after eating those meats.

I recently accepted the position of Marketing and Sales Coordinator at Wild Harmony Farm. I am privileged to work for some great folks, and I also get to eat the best meats I have ever tasted. The first time I tried ground beef I made cheeseburgers on the grill. The first bite was heavenly. That burger left no greasy aftertaste in my mouth, and it wasn’t dripping grease. It was delicious and every bite was as good as the first! The kabob meat is also incredible! These cuts are so fresh, and the meat is so dark red, not pink like those other stores. I love the chicken! It truly tastes the way chicken should taste and it too has a more natural coloring. I am working my way through all of the products so that I can experience each one of them.

So, am I a convert? Absolutely. I now understand the many benefits of eating grass-fed beef and pasture-raised chicken and pork.  

                                                                                    - Bernadette

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