Three reasons why you should order a quarter cow today!

These days, we’re starting work at 6:30am. That may sound mighty early, but it allows our team to finish at 3pm. Earlier work days = more family time. With the world opening up a little bit more, we’re even starting to invite extended family and friends over after work.


We like to keep the menu simple. Beef kebabs on skewers with veggies from our garden, burgers on the grill, BBQ short ribs, or juicy steaks. You can get all of these cuts of beef as well as several other varieties if you order a quarter cow. When you purchase a quarter cow as well as one of our half hogs, you’ll be set for the rest of your summer cookouts... Here are three more reasons to put in your deposit for a quarter cow now!




You can now order a quarter cow, which consists of 90 to 100 pounds of 100% grass fed Wild Harmony beef, all for the price-per-pound of ground beef. This is a serious discount for a wide variety of cuts of beef.




Rather than running out to purchase for the week, why not cut down on the number of trips you take and stock up? These cuts of beef are individually packaged to fit in your freezer. You can even have the quarter cow delivered to your home via WhatsGood!




Our 100% grass fed beef is pasture raised and research has found that rotationally “grazing [cattle] can contribute to climate change mitigation.” Basically, we think of the grass in our cows’ pastures as many tiny solar panels that sequester carbon. It’s a win-win for the land, the animals, and the people. When you support this method of raising beef, you’re helping us to change the world one cow at a time.

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