What is good health worth to you?

As I was recently putting the roof on the new pick-up shed addition, a new customer walked up to pick up his first order.  As often happens, he asked a few questions about our animals and meat, and we got to talking.

He shared that after bouts with cancer, surgery, and a recommendation for radiation, he started researching alternative treatments and came upon a lot of evidence suggesting that the carnivore diet could be helpful.

I first heard about the carnivore diet a few years ago, and I have to be honest, that even as a meat producer, I was skeptical.  How could it be possible to not only survive, but to thrive on a diet of solely meat?

But I’ve listened to enough podcasts and read enough articles and stories now that share case after case of people healing from all sorts of health issues by switching to the carnivore diet, that it makes sense that eating the way humans did 15,000 years ago could be the healthiest diet for many people.

That day standing on the roof of the shed and listening to this man’s story was further confirmation that it works.  He said that after a grim prognosis and refusing radiation treatment, but switching to the carnivore diet, his cancer was gone within a few months, and has not returned.

Not only that, but he said that he feels the best that he can remember in his life, and is in better shape than 40 years earlier when he was a college athlete!

Now I’m not saying that the carnivore diet is the best solution for everyone’s health problems (though I am becoming more convinced as every week goes by). 

But speaking from personal experience, I do strongly believe that a change in diet and lifestyle will cure just about anything except a broken bone.

After running Wild Harmony Farm for 12 years, we have heard numerous testimonials from customers that have healed because of changing their diet.  The research is there to prove that it works.

So why doesn’t everyone do it?  Why is America in an obesity epidemic?  Why are rates of cancer and heart disease at all time highs?


After nearly 20 years of being gluten and dairy free, I fall off the wagon, too.  And my body responds almost immediately.  The next day my neck will be sore, and my sinuses will be clogged.  If I cheat twice in one week, I get constant headaches and earaches.  If I eat dairy and gluten for a few days in a row (even in small amounts), I end up with what feels like the flu.

Sometimes it’s worth it for one great meal.  I joke with Rachael that I don’t have food sensitivities at weddings.  I just want to be free for a night.  But I know that it comes with consequences.

It is human nature to prioritize immediate gratification, despite negative long-term consequences.  Our healthcare system is designed around this.  I was recently talking to a nurse who interrupted one of my rants and said, “I’m sorry, but we don’t have a ‘healthcare’ system in America.  We have a ‘sick care’ system.”

Most people go to the doctor with a complaint, hoping to leave the doctor having been fixed - a drug, a procedure, etc.  The expectation is that the doctor will fix me.  I don’t have to live differently.  The sickness might be treated, but health is not necessarily gained.  And so the cycle continues.

From my observation, the healthiest (and happiest) people I know, prioritize the long game.  And vice versa, the people I know that are most unhealthy (and most unhappy), are focused on immediate gratification.  (Even knowing this, I still cave for ice cream on occasion.)  

So my ask of you, our community, is that we support each other in this on-going struggle.  Share your journeys with us and each other.  Share what has worked for you.  I believe in the power of community.  Every story is inspirational and motivational for others to prioritize long-term health and happiness.

Wild Harmony Farm’s mantra is “Healthy Land, Healthy Animals, and Healthy People.”  And when we say people that includes us the farmers, our surrounding neighbors, as well as you the consumers.  We believe so strongly in what we do because we know that it has an extraordinary capacity to heal in so many ways.

Email us back or share your story on social media.  It can take hearing the same message 7 times before it will sink in for many people.  Imagine the impact that we can have collectively, if even 7 of you share your stories.

                                                                                                         - Farmer Ben

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