Who are the people who grow your food?

Our piglets are running every which way, the baby chicks have arrived, and it is crew orientation week! We are SO thankful to have three wonderful new Wild Harmony apprentices who just started this week.


Education is super important to us. Farming is HARD work, and we want our apprentices to learn and have REAL hands-on experience. We hope to give them a love of caring for the land to carry with them (not to mention some sweet apocalyptic skills). When you eat a Wild Harmony pork chop for dinner, you are helping to educate and empower the next generation of regenerative farmers.

Folks come from all over the country to join us in healing the land and feeding our community. This spunky cohort will be with us for 6 months and learn the ins and outs of what it takes to raise animals with respect and integrity. We will train them on topics such as pasture management, water systems, fencing, tractor operations, plant identification, and physical self-care for longevity in manual labor.


The apprentices talk about how psyched they are about regenerative agriculture on our About Us page

“Soil has the potential to forage healthy futures for marginalized communities”

- Apprentice Nico

“Regenerative practices hold the key to creating more environmentally and socially just food systems.”

- Apprentice Lauren

“Regenerative agriculture is the necessary future of our food system”

- Apprentice Danielle

Check out the apprentices’ full bios here!

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