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Dark Meat Chicken

Dark Meat Chicken

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2-4 servings


Each month you will receive ONE package of Chicken Leg Quarters. Each package contains TWO Chicken Leg Quarters (two drumsticks and two thighs). 

Occasionally, chicken wings will be substituted! Packages are about 1.5-2lb. If packages are significantly undersized, you will receive TWO packs.

🌱REAL pasture-raised: Unlike the "greenwashed" brands you might find at the grocery store, our small farm chicken is truly pasture-raised. Our chickens travel across our pastures in a contraption called a "chicken schooner" that we move daily to fresh grass. They get the best of all worlds — fresh pasture, sunshine, shade, and fresh air. 

🌱Versatile: Chicken leg-quarters and wings are a quick and easy way to add flavorful juicy dark meat to any meal! One leg quarter can be cut into a thigh + drumstick for smaller servings or one lucky person can enjoy. Chicken wings cook quickly and are always a crowd pleaser.  

🌱A Refined Flavor This surely isn't grocery store chicken! Our chicken is flavorful, juicy AND good for the planet! 

Fill your freezer with food you can feel good about!

How To Cook Leg Quarters

Simply thaw them in the fridge overnight, drizzle with oil, sprinkle on spices and put them in the oven at 375 for about 30 minutes. Finish with the broiler on for a few minutes. The skin gets crispy and they are SO juicy and flavorful.

You'll love yourself for cooking these.

Each month you will receive ONE package of Chicken Leg Quarters (drumsticks and thighs). Each package contains TWO Chicken Leg Quarters, so this is TWO Chicken Leg Quarters monthly which is about 1.5-2 lbs. Occasionally, chicken wings will be subbed.

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