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Farmer's Choice Box

Farmer's Choice Box

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Can’t decide what you want, but you want to keep eating healthy meats?  We will make it easy for you!

Our “Farmer’s Choice” boxes are packed with our amazing 100% grass-fed beef, pork, and/or chicken. All cuts included in each box are the perfect portions for easy-to-prepare meals and are frozen at peak freshness to guarantee the best quality and freshness. *

Order today – these “Farmers Choice” boxes won’t last! Plus, we have a special gift for you when you order – We will send you a special code to receive 3 lbs. of our delicious ground beef at no charge with your next order.

This is a limited-time offer special order for $85.00!


*NO bones, feet, or organ meats will be added to the Farmer's Choice.

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