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Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken

6-8 servings

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Size: 3.5-5 lb

Why choose our whole, pasture-raised chicken? 

🌱Budget-friendly: Less cutting and wrapping means lower cost than cuts like breasts and thighs, so you get more for your money. Plus, whole chickens come with a bonus: bones to throw in your slow cooker for easy broth packed with nutrients and flavor.

🌱Delicious: Ask any whole-chicken convert and they'll tell you that going whole is the tastiest way to enjoy chicken. Skin and bones contribute to juicy cooking and incredible flavor — especially when it's real pasture-raised, small farm chicken!

🌱Convenient: Whole chickens are easy to roast in the oven or cook in the slow cooker, and we’ll share recipes! Serve with your choice of veggies on the first night for a convenient, wholesome meal, and then turn the leftovers into tacos or chicken salad on the second day. 

🌱REAL pasture-raised: Unlike the "greenwashed" brands you might find at the grocery store, our small farm chicken is truly pasture-raised. Our chickens travel across our pastures in a contraption called a "chicken schooner" that we move daily to fresh grass. They get the best of all worlds — fresh pasture, sunshine, shade, and fresh air. 

At Wild Harmony Farm, we are dedicated to raising meat lovingly, humanely, and with integrity. 


Our 3.5-5 pound dressed chickens are a budget-friendly option for eating local, pasture-raised meat. Our chickens are raised by our trusted partner farm Normanton Farm and processed in a family-owned Rhode Island butcher shop.

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